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Hello-Honey is a luxury satin, handmade, pillowcase, scrunchie, hair bonnet (available on request), and face mask manufacturer.    

As the brains behind the business, Sarah noticed how so many people were being taken advantage of, and exploited at a time of crisis currently faced as a nation - the COVID-19 pandemic.


Sarah decided to step in and create a safe, durable, product, ensuring Healthcare and Frontline Workers have access to Medical Grade Masks. And thus, an affordable product in the form of a Hello-Honey Face Mask would be available to the general public. 

Although the masks are not medically certified, they are triple-layered as prescribed by the Department of Health, they are made from satin, washable, reusable, durable, and most importantly, affordable.


"Inspiring my journey that is 'Hello-Honey', started as early as 2012, after the passing of my mother, but this idea only became a reality in 2017. I officially registered with CPIC (in order to trade under COVID-19 conditions) in April 2020. This enabled me to still be able to provide masks to the immunocompromised.


"In 2009 my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer, with Stage 4 Cancer Metastasis occurs, the cancer cells spread to other parts of your body, in mum’s case, it was her skin and lungs. 

"During her chemo sessions, she constantly told us how she felt her skin was on fire and how everything that came into contact with her skin, exacerbated the feeling. Her Oncologist suggested trying sleeping on a Silk or a Satin pillowcase. 

"A few days after chemo, mum asked me to drive her to the fabric store where we bought a few metres of satin for her to make pillowcases from. With painful hands, burning skin, severe fatigue and weakness, she pushed through. She made pillowcases for absolutely anyone and everyone. Whenever there was a new patient, a new pillowcase was made and gifted.

"Unfortunately, after many chemo and radiation sessions, Cancer took her from us.

"I have always had a deep-set desire to make a change in people's lives, and continue her legacy. As a result, Hello-Honey was born. A place where durable, affordable, well-made, satin pillowcases, bonnets, and face masks could be easily found, purchased, and delivered, countrywide."

All our products are made from high-quality satin and the pillowcases fit a standard pillow (48cm x 70cm). 

We are a proudly South African, cruelty-free, product.

We are a 100% female-owned and operated business.